“Natural Wonders” – Our showhouse experience with BOH

Doing a showhouse like Kips Bay in 2016 was an incredible experience, filled with so many memories and encounters. We will never forget it, that is for sure! To know more about: check our posts about it.

Recently, the Business of Home magazine (a publication by Editor at Large) asked us what was our best (or worst) showhouse experience for their Trade Tales section. Let’s just say that, during the installation and the show, we experienced some… unexpected challenges, including a fire and a flood. Not only is doing the show challenging, but even the selection process is an experience in itself.

Not a lot of people know this but the application is anonymous. This means that your portfolio has to speak for itself and clearly demonstrate your capacity in doing the show. That is a lot of pressure. Even more so when so many design agencies and designers are competing each year. With only a few spots available each time, you really want to stand out of the crowd.

But let’s talk about our unexpected challenges, shall we? The fire happened while the room was being painted. A shortcut occurred and set some protective paper on fire but, luckily, the workers were quick to put it out. The funny story is that we were not aware that happened and when our employee representing Les Ensembliers in NYC called to tell us about the incident, a fire truck was passing by on the 61st avenue with its full sirens on. We were sure the entire house was on fire! Thankfully, the fire¬†was already out and the damage was kept to a minimum.

The flood happened during the actual show. Each morning, we got there early with fresh flowers to cut and put in the room. One time, we noticed water dripping all over the built-in dressers. We managed to clean everything before the house open and even had enough time to cut the flowers. Nobody saw a thing!

The joys of doing a showhouse! Even so, the experience was worth any fire or flood. Thank you BOH for the article!