Get The Look – The Dr Penfield Bedroom

Over the years, Maxime and I have moved numerous time, either for work, convenience, location or just because. We rented or bought houses many times in Montreal and always worked hard to make it feel like us. We had this great apartment on Dr Penfield street that served as a display for our work and signature style. The bedroom always felt so comfortable and cozy even with it’s unconventional size and shape.

I enjoy creating a cocoon effect in a bedroom and the use of wallpaper is always a good start. We used Coastal Sisal in silver by Kravet, a personnal favorite that brings texture, color and softness.

The bed is custom-made and a design by Les Ensembliers. We have been designing beds for a long time now and it is a great way to add personality to a room. For this particular one, we picked a grey fabric that we also used to create two small ottoman that we put at the foot of the bed. To spice things up a bit, we made a studded headboard that contrast with the whiteness of the sheets. For a pop of color, these purple ikat pillows are doing wonders.

Another way of bringing comfort and refinement to a space is with carpets and rugs. This carpet by Lalonde & Frères brings new colors to the bedroom but the earthy accents are in sync with the overall palette so everything is working great together.

Curtains can change the entire feel and look of a room and, in this case, they add glamour. Again, we went with a textured fabric by Telio that softly changes color depending on the light. These curtains are following me ever since and are a great source of inspiration.

When it comes to the furniture, I love mixing old and new and this bedroom is no exception. We paired antiques with modern dresser and side tables. The chair is custom-made. It is shaped like an antique but the fabric and legs are what makes it contemporary and different.

We really love that bedroom and if you do too, here are some suggestions to get the look.

  1. A nice tall white table lamp from Celadon Collection feels aerial and almost disappear in front of the window. The gold accent makes it so elegant.
  2. This antique dresser is from 1stdibs but any antique can do in order to bring a little je ne sais quoi to a bedroom.
  3. Accessories are important in every room, including the bedroom. Display some family heirlooms, souvenirs from your travels, art and pictures. They will brighten your day as soon as you wake up.
  4. Wall sconces are a great solution when you are lacking space. In a bedroom, they bring additional light and can frame the bed nicely. You can then play with the shape and finish to create something very unique. These are also from Celadon Collection.
  5. Don’t feel blue with these gorgeous curtains. Fabric by Telio, design by Les Ensembliers.
  6. You need a nightstand but you don’t want (or don’t have enough space) for a big statement piece? This glass-topped side table is practical, small and gold!
  7. Chairs with high backs and arms are so inviting. When it comes in a blush color, I am sold.
  8. You can display a pile of books on the floor as a decorative statement. It will bring dimension to the room, especially if paired with other furniture of different heights.
  9. The use of a carpet in a bedroom is a must-have. It is warm and soft under your feet plus it is stylish. What more to ask?
  10. An ikat pillow is that little pop of pattern and color any space need. Do not hesitate to choose strong colors to contrast with a soft palette.
  11. Make your bedroom feel even more comfortable with lots of pillows and throws. The textures are nice to feel and look at.
  12. Many fabric headboards and beds are now available on the market, so you have plenty of choice. Play with the fabric and do not overlook the little details; they are what makes a decor feel pulled together.

We hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you all!