Decorating a Gazebo

Summer is here. We are on vacations. Let’s talk about outdoor decorating!

Today, we present to you a past project perfect for this time of the year. After redoing an entire section of their house, we were ask to decorate the outdoor gazebo and pool area by a client. The gazebo is of decent size and the wood work was interesting but, unfortunately, the furniture they had was bulky and everything look outdated and busy. We really needed to tone things down a bit, simplify the ensemble and make it more cohesive.

The clients really liked everything modern with touches of raw materials such as untreated wood, steel and concrete. They wanted a place where they could relax after a day at work or enjoy during those hot summer days by the pool with the family. They asked for a sort of lounge or living area with enough seating for hosting parties and a dining area with a wood table and comfortable chairs.

We create a mood board for them with our many ideas for the space.

First, I wanted to paint the interior of the gazebo white with a really subtle touch of gray. That way, we created a blank canvas for the rest of the furniture but also, we made it feel a lot less busy. After all, the view of the pool and surrounding gardens is what is important and the accent should be put on that.

We also picked some nice electrical rolling shades for when the sun is too bright and to create intimacy. Then, we all felt in love with this light fixture by Constance Guisset. It is so simple, aerial and special and, because of that, it works so well in an outdoor environment without being too visible.

When it comes to the furniture, we selected sofas and chairs from the San Diego collection by Jardin de Ville and added decorative cushions. We looked everywhere for the perfect dining and coffee tables made of wood and steel but never could fine exactly what we wanted. We decided to custom-made them plus a console table to display lanterns.

Speaking of which, we wanted to bring lots of candles and lanterns for a very special look. Who doesn’t like an outdoor dinner by the candles during summer? To complete the decor, we picked some white ceramic vases, wooden decorative trays, woven baskets, concrete plant pots and vivariums so we could put some greenery here and there. We kept all the accessories modern in shape but prefer natural materials over anything artificial or transformed. Everything is in the textures and if you want to touch, I feel like our work is a success.

Below are some pictures of the gazebo once the installation was done. I hope it will give you some ideas for your own outdoor paradise.

The finished custom-made dining table.

Paired with a nice bench, it is both comfortable and stylish!

This console serves as a nice display for lanterns and woven baskets.